Sabatelli Pasta

This pasta is imported from Italy. It’s made with whole wheat Semola Flour. Two different shapes to choose: Penne or Tagliolini. Use this pasta along with our Arrabbiata sauce.

SALT Sisters

– This company uses all natural ingredients, is gluten free and is MSG free. Come check out the Salts, Herbs, Dips, Rubs and Teas this USA company makes. The products are flavorful, fresh and use unrefined sea salt. There are many flavors to choose and recipes are on the packages. Come and check out the whole product line!
Beverage Napkins – Come check out the new arrivals! Fun & Quirky as well as some of the classics.

New Gift & Wine Accessory Arrivals


  • Copper Wine Glass Charms – This set of 6 copper numbered charms will help your guests keep track of their glass. 
  • Glacier Rocks Ice Sphere Mold – This set of 4 molds make the giant-sized ice cubes.   The larger size ice doesn’t melt as fast in the glass so your favorite beverage won’t dilute as fast.
  • Rustic Acacia Wood Wine Flight Board – These boards are perfect when doing flights of wine, beer and other beverages.   The Acacia Wood Board has a strip of slate so you can write the name of the varietal or the winery.
  • Bottle Bubble Protector – Put your bottle of wine in this bubbled protector and put it in your suitcase for safe traveling. 
  • Rustic Acacia Wood Book Stand – This book stand is perfect for the kitchen to hold your cookbook while fixing your favorite dish.  This book stand stores easily when not in use.
  • Good Grips Skillets – These Pro skillets come in 8”, 10” and 12”.  They’re stainless still and will work with Induction Cook Tops.  They can also be use in the oven.

Mangowood Cutting Boards

Mangowood Cutting Boards – These cutting boards are made from Mangowood.  These cutting boards can also be used as serving platters for meat & cheese.   The grain in these boards is gorgeous.  They make a great hostess gift, wedding gift or keep for you.

Beer and Hard Cider Kits

Beer and Hard Cider Kits – If you’ve ever wanted to try making beer or hard cider, then these are the kits for you! These kits come with everything you need: the container, equipment, and the ingredients. It’s fun and simple……come and get yours today!

New Gift & Gourmet Food Arrivals

VIP 7-Piece Bar Set – This is something which every home bar needs.   This set includes 6 professional bar tools (strainer, shot measure, stirrer, fruit knife, can & bottle opener and bar spoon) all in a stand.   This set also includes the booklet, 10 Most Popular Cocktails and How to Make Them.



Fagor Induction Pro Cooktop – This is the most efficient way to cook!  The Pro utilizes 90% of energy compared to 50% of other cooking methods.  You can use this to warm, simmer, boil, sauté, brown, sear and stir-fry.  It’s safe as there are no flames and the surface stays cool to the touch as it directly heats only the diameter of the pan you’re using, which saves you time and money.  It’s perfect to use at home, in a college   dorm and in a motor home or camper.

Crab & Seafood Platters

With crab season starting, what better way to serve the crab and crab dishes but with our crab and seafood ceramic platters.  There are many styles to choose, from rectangular, oval and square.

Mention you read about the platters on our site when you shop in the store this week and receive 15% off these crab and seafood platters.

Sparq Soapstone Flatbread & Pizza Stone

Made in the USA! This is handcrafted from solid soapstone and has unique color and veining patterns. Soapstone has even heat distribution which results in reduced burning of food. This is great to host pizza night, use for cheese bread, flatbread appetizers, as well as scones and fresh baked breads. The Soapstone stone is stain-proof, naturally non-stick and can be used in the stove or on the grill.

 Sparq Soapstone Flatbread & Pizza Stone