Shipping Policy

Shipping Policies


Please call before placing order to confirm we can ship to your state.
state regulations on shipping wine.
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We are proud to offer shipping from the Cellar on 10th, via UPS, to meet your needs. We’ll ship your wine purchases anywhere in the USA that UPS allows us to ship. Gifts and Accessories can be shipped anywhere. All we need is a physical street address, and your order will be on its way. If you wish your order to be shipped any way other than via ground – your order MUST be received by 12 noon Pacific Time Mon-Fri. Shipping and handling will be billed.

Your order may take up to 7 days to ship since wines from small producers are often picked up at the winery for you after you order them. And we try to only ship wine early in the week, so it does not risk heat or cold damage while sitting in a warehouse over a weekend.

Weather Considerations

We will cellar your purchases for up to ten weeks at no charge if the weather is not suitable for the shipping of wine.

Wine Shipping Policy
If you choose to have your order shipped despite our recommendations against it – we will not replace the wine or refund your money as you will assume responsibility for the damage, loss or off-flavor of your wine order.

During certain times of the year weather conditions make it not appropriate to ship wine. We will notify you at the time of your order if we find the weather is not suitable to ship wine and will cellar your wine order until weather permits safe shipping conditions. We will e-mail you prior to shipment, and will also e-mail you the tracking information upon shipment of your order.T

Temperature Cautions

Wine will freeze in the winter if shipped via ground. Even though wine contains alcohol, low temperatures cause the water in the wine to separate from the alcohol and freeze into an ice block. The ice block will eventually push the cork out since ice takes up more room than water.

In the summer, wine will cook in the heat and will ooze out of the cork and down the bottle. The wine will not taste as good as it did before, and will not age well. The temperature in the back of a UPS truck can approach 150 degrees on a hot day in the summer.

National Temperature Forecast

The Cellar on 10th wants to provide you with the best wine product available, delivered to your doorstep with the same flavorful condition it left our cellar. Which is why we are happy to cellar your purchases for up to ten weeks at no charge due to weather conditions.