Wine Clubs

How The Wine Club Works

  1. Twelve shipments per year (platinum offers special wines).  Wines are shipped during the first week of each month. Shipment is sent via UPS anywhere the law allows (click here to view regulations) and requires a signature of an adult (21 years or older).
  2. Newsletter
  3. 10% off additional quantities of the club selections (if available)
  4. No fee to join, cancel anytime with written notice
  5. Available as gift memberships

Select your preference:

the Northwest Cellar Edition (exclusively Northwest wines) or
  Worldwide Cellar Edition (which may include wines from the Northwest).

In either of these editions, you may choose two reds, two whites, or a combination.  Cost is $50 each month (plus shipping & handling)

For the serious wine enthusiasts, we offer

  the Northwest Cellar Platinum or
  Worldwide Cellar Platinum Edition

…which includes two bottles, one of which will be a premium wine.  Cost is $100 each month (plus shipping & handling)

Joining is easy. Please call  503-325-6600.

All shipments will be billed directly to your credit card on file. Your receipt will be included with the packing label.

Find out more about our Cellar Club.